Dinner for Schmucks (2010)

Dinner for Schmucks (2010)

I’m Jake Turner, coming up Steve Carell is the Guest of Honor for Paul Rudd’s corporate dinner in Jay Roach’s comedy, Dinner for Schmucks. Should we RSVP or walkout? Dim the lights, film review now in session. If you like what you hear, then comment on the bottom or if you have a different opinion…go for it!



  1. Will hit you up with my review hopefully tonite. I refuse to pay for comedies in the theater. Too much room between great like The Jerk and eh like Austin Powers (take your pick on that one). So I am risking a big fine to see this, paul Rudd, who is from here btw, has really turned his career around recently so I am optimistic to say the least

  2. Just finished it, like most comedies though it has alittle too much down time. Step Brothers, The Jerk and Blazing Saddles were relentless. 1 joke or bit after the other. But Steve and Paul and even the director did something you don’t see often enough. Make the slow parts watchable. I didn’t feel like I had already seen the good parts while watching the trailer. Zack Galifanakus ( that is spelled so horribly) adds instead of steals like in The Hangover. Well rounded mix of improv, stand up and just funny people made this one of the best comedies I’ve seen in awhile. Not quite a top ten all time but a respectable 12-14 ranger

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