The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys (2010)

I’m Jake Turner, coming up Director Adam McKay brings in Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in as mismatched NYPD cops in the spoof of the buddy cop genre, Didn’t Kevin Smith attempt that already? Could McKay change the minds and bring Ferrell back to life? Film review now in session. If you like what you hear, then comment on the bottom or if you have a different opinion…go for it!



  1. This may have been an attempt at a spoof but this movie was the best buddy/good cop, bad cop movies I’ve seen in a long time. Now maybe I’m just so used to him that any thing not over the top by Sam Jackson seems horrible, bu he doesnt disappoint. Ferrell is amazing, I have never seen a role of his that I’ve not loved. He is that rare comedic actor that can do anything. Decent movie that stays away from staying from cliche’s. Cliche’s make movies work if you are filming a story that follows a formula

    1. Take a glance at my review of Cop Out, then listen to this again and you’ll understand why I believed that Adam McKay created a terrific spoof of all the buddy cop cliches and a few winks at Director John Woo (Mexican standoff), Tony Scott (boggling the camera and creating reflections) think about the Derek Jeter scene, and Michael Bay (fast paced action sequences, booming music, and slow motion car flips) The formula to a buddy cop film to work is chemistry and Ferrell, Wahlberg clicked in every scene and played it straight. I thought Steve Coogan was hysterical with his little touches with improv, one of my favorite scenes was how he took the cops away from the case with theater tickets. The action sequences didnt disappoint why expertly staged they were also hilarious. This is the best Ferrell film since Anchorman. I’m debating on bringing out my top 10 best and worst of the year so far this year next week…what you think?

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