JT’s Redbox Picks: The Box

The Box (2010)

I’m Jake Turner, coming up Director Richard Kelly brings intrigue, suspense and nostalgic insanity as Cameron Diaz opens the Box! Is it worth the rent? The Redbox has the Answer. If you like what you hear, then comment on the bottom or if you have a different opinion…go for it!



  1. Only issue I have with it is I had just finished the book a week before I saw it. Same mistake I made with I Am Legend. Like Stephen King adaptations, Richard Mathison is hard to translate to film. Not that they are bad movies, just that the authors have such a descriptive style that you envision so much more then any director can hope to deliver. If you have read either book and see the movie witout being disappointed then you are truely a saint. But the director did a great job of delivering the suspense and build up of the book. So I guess its not all bad

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