The Expendables (2010)

The Expendables…click here for the hard hitting review!

I’m Jake Turner, Sylvester Stallone gives us a taste of 80’s action movie nostalgia and belongs some old friends and makes some new ones in probably the best action movie of the summer…The Expendables. Film review now is session

If you like what you see, then comment on the bottom and remember nothing is out of bounds



  1. When everyone says your the baddest dude in this movie(except Dolph) then you know you are a star. Randy Couture shows he may have a decent career after mma. All other performances were on par at best, but Couture steals the show from a character stand point. All that said this is exactly what I expected. Normally a kiss of death for a movie, but not here. Its a great mix of most of the actors previous 9 million action movies. But to be honest, if I had millions of dollars burning a hole in my pocket I would make this movie. But set it up with all the leads working together at Waffle House the night zombies, nazis, russians, vampires and demons decide to join forces and destroy the world. I know it sounds horrible but we all got suckered in to seeing the 3rd Matrix movie. L8R

  2. What we get is pure, unadulterated B-movie stuff, with an A-budget. And although it should have been so much better, I still had a great time, watching things, and people explode, like it’s the 80s all over again. Check out my review when you can, nice review!!

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