$#*! My Dad Says: This is off a Twitter Feed? Uh oh.

$#*! My Dad Says. Click it! you’re intrigued.

First the Geico caveman, now we have a show that is created off a Twitter feed. While that’s funny, can William Shatner keep the laughs moving at a fast pace or should the feed be yanked?



  1. I am still alittle unsure of this show. Bill and Sasso are great but the lead character is so damn bitchy. I laugh for half and wanna ring his neck the rest. If it wasnt on after big bang theory, I probably wouldnt watch it at all

    1. Shatner looked bored and uninterested. It just doesn’t have enough comedy to last a half hour. Throughout the pilot, I chuckled twice when Shatner ripped on his son. Otherwise this had as much creativity as the Geico Caveman. I’ve more excitement in a insurance seminar or Chad Ochocinco’s twitter feed. Sad, sad, sad.

      1. True but Sasso and Shatner work well together with their limited time on together. Last weeks was weaker and if it wasn’t for hockey tonite I would almost promise that this week would be last

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