Perfect Couples: When can we file for divorce?

Perfect Couples: Pretty people who can’t act or make me laugh…click for reason!

NBC launched Perfect Couples to complete a thursday night “laugh-a-thon.” Do me a favor let me know when we’re supposed to laugh. Comment on the bottom for your thoughts…


One comment

  1. This is quite possibly the worst show in recorded history. It puts the term UN-FUNNY into a different category. NBC has ruined its Thursday night lineup. I only have a few questions:
    1. Who greenlighted this mess?
    2. Was this supposed to be the next “Friends”?
    3. Why do “relationship” shows of this type wind up being completely devoid of ANY color. Seeee, maybe it is trying to be the next “Friends”
    4. And lastly, how bad were the other shows that got passed over so that this weak ass show could get air time?

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