Consistency is on Jack Sparrow’s side with Pirates 4…



  1. When I saw this movie it felt to me like jack was more of a side character. It looked like they just tossed him into the film just to sell it

    1. Quite a wise point, I never thought of that. However, I will say that Marshall did something different by making Jack sort of a side character so they could introduce the other supporting characters. I liked the scenes between Blackbeard and his daughter. Also, putting some screen time to Geoffrey Rush’s Barbossa for a good amount of time. If you look at Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest. You will see that WIll Turner was the main point of the story however Depp’s Jack Sparrow was a terrific supporting character. At World’s End gave Jack his own film but put way too much into it. I liked it but not as much as Stranger’s Tides. Good stuff, Landen

      Mr. Turner

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