That’s My Boy! Are you sure it’s not a mistake?

How low can Adam Sandler go?! Well, if your idea of comedy is teacher-student molestation, obesity, and even folks…incest. Then this movie is for you. For everyone else that has morals, you’re smart to ignore this Sandler vehicle.

Adam Sandler plays Donny Berger, a 40-ish loser that was famous for having sex with his teacher when he was 13 years old. She gets 30 yrs in jail and he gets fame. Yeah, that’s fair. Donny has to come up with $43,000 or he’s going to jail. In order to get this money, he agrees to getting the jailed mother, him and his son…Han Solo together for a Phil Donahue-style talk show. Hilarious.

His son now named Todd Peterson played by Andy Samberg is getting married to Jamie, a high maintenance woman who obviously loves to scream her lines played by Leighton Meester. Donny tricks them into letting him stay for the wedding and pretends to be his best friend. How stupid are these characters to not realize he’s his loser dad? Simplistic enough, I think. Let’s get to Samberg. He’s a funny performer, I know just see his work with the Lonely Island and SNL but in this he looks like he’s doing everything possible to get a laugh out of the audience. He succeeds for the most part and a few good one liners. Also get some memorable cameos from Jets head coach Rex Ryan, sports personality Dan Patrick, James Caan, Susan Sarandon, Tony Orlando, Todd Bridges and even…Vanilla Ice that admittedly got a few laughs.

HOWEVER! I keep forgetting that Sandler has lost his Midas touch. He infuses some laughs, then some disgusting humor that had no comic timing, then punch us in the face with so-called heart then it gets disgusting again, sweet and then it goes over the top with its disgust with a visual joke about incest. The laughs stopped and I sat looking at the screen wondering how someone could come up with something so mean-spirited and disturbing and pass it off as comedy. My mouth dropped when I found out that it was Sean Anders in the director’s chair. He did one of my favorite comedies, Hot Tub Time Machine.

While That’s My Boy has its laughs, its mean spirited screenplay, bloated running time of two hours, disgusting humor, and underusing its supporting characters keeps it as another Sandler misfire and yes, you saw it coming. It’s one of the worst movies of 2012.

That’s My Boy gets a D+ and a star and a half rating

I’m Jake Turner, reminding you to spend your money wisely


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